2016 Thriller Ratings

How the rating scale works:

1 = Don’t waste your time or money
2-4 = Some people will enjoy it, especially if you like that author, but it’s not for everyone.
5 = A slid, well-written thriller.
6 = A fun, compelling, or suspenseful read. If you’re a fan of that genre (thriller, mystery, espionage, etc.), you’ll enjoy it.
7 =  Very good, buy it next time you’re a the bookstore.
8 =  Buy it and move it to the top of your reading list.
9 = One of the best books of the year, a near-perfect thriller.
10 = Will go down as one of the best thrillers in recent memory, the gold-standard for the genre moving forward. 

*This list will be updated and have books added to it throughout the year, so make sure to check back often!

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