Tom Wood’s Victor The Assassin Is Set To Return In ‘The Final Hour’

Everyone’s favorite anti-hero, the freakishly lethal hitman Victor The Assassin, is set to return this August in Tom Wood’s all-new thriller, The Final Hour

Wood’s forthcoming thriller is the seventh in his bestselling series and follows last year’s A Time To Die. In this adventure, someone from Victor’s past comes back to haunt him. 

Plot info: 


Victor is the ultimate predator. He surfaces to kill, then disappears into thin air. But he’s a disposable commodity for the powerful people he works for—both the good guys and the bad. And no one has his back. Especially now that doing black bag jobs for the CIA has put a target on his head…
Antonio Alvarez, a high-ranking US intelligence official, is determined to clean house and find the legendary killer who slipped away from him during an operation in Paris. There’s only one person Victor can turn to for help: a lethal female assassin whose life he once saved. And now Victor wants her to return the favor—by killing him….”

That’s right, the slimy Antonio Alvarez, who originally appeared in Wood’s debut thriller, The Killer, will return in 2017. Longtime fans of Wood’s series will remember how things went down between Victor and Alvarez years ago, as round two is setting up to be ever more explosive. 

While The Final Hour won’t be available until August 1st, fans can pre-order it here!  

Tom Wood The Final Hour.jpg


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