A Book Spy Review: ‘K Street’ By M.A. Lawson

ma-lawson-k-streetEarlier in her career, Kay Hamilton was fired for her rogue, lone wolf tendencies. But this time around, she’s forced to investigate a dangerous conspiracy without any backup after her colleagues are all wiped out.

Initially, following the questionable circumstances surrounding her previous mission, Kay Hamilton isn’t sure she can trust the private intelligence firm she works for known as the Callahan Group. A former DEA agent, Hamilton decides that her employer’s actions, which ultimately put her life in grave danger, is an indicator that the time is right for her to move on. 

Heading to the Callahan Group’s base of operations–located on K Street in Washington D.C.–where she plans to inform her boss, Thomas Callahan, that she’s quitting, Hamilton inadvertently stumbles upon a robbery. Multiple gunmen leave with Callahan’s company safe after the old man refused to give up the codes to open it right then and there. Knowing that Callahan doesn’t like to keep cash on hand, Kay suspects that the thieves’ motives have little to do with money. 

In his last moments of consciousness before slipping into a coma, Callahan manages to whisper a single clue, one terrifying word consisting of just three letters, into Hamilton’s ear: NSA.

With several of the Callahan Group’s employees killed in the robbery and nobody left for her to trust, Kay is forced to do it alone–which is ironic, as her past rogue tendencies led to her being fired from the DEA. Then again, she’s comfortable operating solo and capable of wreaking brutal havoc on anyone dumb enough to stand in her way. 

With only Callahan’s clue to go on, Kay isn’t even sure if her boss was implying that the NSA is guilty of something or that somebody else stole secrets from a job the Group was doing with the National Security Agency. As her investigation gets underway, one thing is readily apparent from the get-go–whoever she’s after knows how to disappear and stay hidden, making finding their trail one of Kay’s toughest missions yet.

While writing under the name Mike Lawson, the author (currently using the pen name of M.A. Lawson) is best known for his other series (House Revenge, 2016) that stars Joe DeMarco. While DeMarco is a capable operative in his own right, Kay Hamilton is easily the more lethal of the two. On par with Jon Land’s Caitlyn Strong and Brad Thor’s Athena–a team of all female operatives–ladies, Hamilton is a unique blend of beauty and brutality. Honestly, this might be Lawson’s best series going, as Hamilton is a terrific character.

Hamilton’s investigation ultimately leads to her uncovering an explosive conspiracy that involves top secret plans, a government cover-up, and a deep roster of highly-trained assassins.

K Street is a strong addition to Lawson’s well-written, underrated, action-filled series. The smart, fast-moving plot is made even better by the abundance of action sequences and colorful characters. 

Book Details

Author: M.A. Lawson 
Series: Kay Hamilton #3
Pages: 304 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 0399573844
Publisher: Blue Rider Press
Release Date: January 17, 2017 (Order Now!)

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