Kolt Raynor Returns This Fall In Dalton Fury’s ‘Execute Authority’

As many readers know, Dalton Fury (a pen name used by Tom Greer) passed away in late 2016 after battling cancer. Amazingly, the former Delta Force operator was able to finish his next book, Executive Authority, in his last remaining days.
My Condolences 
I don’t write in first-person often, but before we get into the book details, I’d like to offer my personal condolences to Tom’s (Dalton’s) family. Not many know this, but when I launched The Real Book Spy in December of 2015, Tom was one of the very first authors to privately reach out to me and offer his support. In fact, he did more than that. He sent me all of his books, which he signed, along with a really awesome Tier One Wild t-shirt and a handwritten note.
Later, after One Killer Force came out, he sent me that too, with another note that said “to complete your collection,” and signed it with a running joke that had formed between the two of us. I didn’t know him well, not by any means, but I sure admired him and am deeply grateful for his service to our country.
May he rest in peace…he is surely missed.
Executive Authority 

Executive Authority features Kolt Raynor in pursuit of an assassin who killed the Greek prime minister. And, in typical ‘Racer’ fashion, Kolt will have to break a few rules to catch the killer. Check out the official plot details below:

Kolt “Racer” Raynor and his Delta Force squadron are in Greece, providing
VIP security for the newly elected—and deeply controversial—American
president on his desperate mission to hold the NATO alliance together.
Then, the unimaginable happens. Just as the president is arriving, an assassin’s
bullet takes the life of the Greek prime minister. The president is safe, but
Raynor recognizes the killer—Rasim Miric—by his grisly signature: a bullet
through his target’s left eye.
The hunt for the assassin ends when Miric, to all appearances, blows himself
up in an explosion that levels an apartment block, but Raynor refuses to
accept that the sniper is really dead. Miric’s grudge is with America, and one
American in particular—the Delta Force operator who cost him an eye, Kolt
Raynor. Raynor believes that Miric’s killing spree is only just beginning, and
his suspicions are proved true when Miric is photographed crossing the border
into the United States.
Forbidden by law from operating on American soil, Raynor will have to bend
the rules until they break, risking everything in order to run the assassin down
before he can strike again.
But what Raynor doesn’t realize is that Rasim Miric is also hunting him.
Scheduled for publication on September 5, 2017, Executive Authority is already available for pre-order wherever books are sold!

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