Gabriel Allon Is Set To Return This July In Daniel Silva’s ‘House Of Spies’

41q5eiqaowl-_sx329_bo1204203200_He’s baaaaack! Or, well, at least he will be this Summer when Gabriel Allon returns in Daniel Silva’s House Of Spies.

House Of Spies, scheduled to hit bookstores on July 11, will be the seventeenth novel in Silva’s mega-popular, bestselling series. It will also be the first novel, following last year’s The Black Widow, to feature Gabriel, the wayward son of Israeli intelligence, as head of the Office from the very beginning of the story. (Those who read last year’s novel will remember that Allon finally took his long-awaited promotion, officially ending his career as a field agent.)

Fear not, though, as the author himself (in his most recent newsletter) has promised that much like his mentor, Ari Shamron, Gabriel will be an”operational chief.” Silva has also, while slowly transitioning Gabriel’s role within the Office, introduced readers to two new characters–a female spy and a young male field agent–who can potentially handle the trigger-pulling load. Likewise, Christopher Keller, the former British commando turned Corsica-based assassin who is now working with MI6, is set to return.

While official cover art and plot details are still unknown, House Of Spies is available for pre-order here.

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