Cover Reveal: Stephen Coonts’ Upcoming Novel, ‘The Armageddon File’

Back in March, we broke the news that bestselling author Stephen Coonts’ next novel would be titled The Armageddon File, and that it’s scheduled to hit bookstores on November 6th. 

Following last year’s Liberty’s Last Stand, both Jake Grafton and Tommy Carmellini are reuniting for their eighth go-around together. Check out the plot details below, then keep scrolling to see the attractive cover art! 

After one of the most contentious and divisive elections in American history, the new president is finally settling into the West Wing. But when his Chief of Staff discovers evidence that voting machines in key counties in swing states were tampered with, the whole administration is in danger of unraveling. Did someone steal the election? Are America’s biggest enemies involved? Were the tampered-with machines actually rigged to swing the election the other way–and if so and the plot failed, what is the conspirators’ backup plan?

Jake Grafton and Tommy Carmellini race to solve the mystery of a potentially rigged election before Americans’ full faith and credit in our democracy, sovereignty, and rule of law become completely undone.

Stephen Coonts The A File.jpg


Those excited to get their hands on The Armageddon File can pre-order Coonts’ highly-anticipated new thriller here

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