A Book Spy Review: ‘I Found You’ By Lisa Jewell


A mystery two decades in the making comes back to haunt two women who suddenly find their lives turned upside down.

Alice, a single mother of three who lives in England, wakes up one morning to find a man sitting on the beach in front of her house. After speaking to him, Alice realizes the man has no memory of anything. He doesn’t know his own name or how he even got there.

Not too far away in London, Lilly, who was born in the Ukraine, waits up for Carl, her husband of two weeks, becoming increasingly more worried with each passing minute. Eventually, she goes to the police, taking Carl’s passport with her to report him missing.

Against her better judgment, Alice, who has turned bad decision making into a habit, invites the stranger into her home. She attempts to help him jog his memory and allows him to stay in her guest house. Eventually, her children nickname him Frank, and they all take to calling him that.

Meanwhile, Lilly is told by police that her husband’s passport is a fake and that no one with the name printed on his forgery exists.

Bouncing between both Alice and Lilly’s points of view, Jewell weaves in a third mysterious storyline that stretches back to 1993. As kids, Gary and his sister Kirsty were enjoying a nice beach vacation with their parents when Kirsty started slipping off to see a slightly older guy named Mark. Gary, the protective big brother, wasn’t a fan of Mark and didn’t like that his sister was seeing him.

As readers learn more about each storyline, all three begin to overlap and force both the characters and the reader to seriously question how well you can really know someone. As dark secrets slowly begin to spill out into the light, Jewell throws in numerous curves, keeping readers off-balance and guessing until the very end.

Not only is the plot itself intriguing enough to keep the pages turning, but Lisa Jewell uses dynamic characters to keep the gas pedal pushed firmly to the floor in her latest nail-biting thriller. Most readers who think they know how everything will play out are in for a surprise. However, the ending, while surprising, does feel a tad rushed.

Closer to The Girl on the Train than Gone Girl, Lisa Jewell’s I Found You is nonstop, suspense-fueled entertainment that’s perfect for fans of Paula Hawkins and Gillian Flynn.

Book Details

Author: Lisa Jewell
Pages: 352 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 1501154591
Publisher: Atria Books
Release Date: April 25, 2017 (Order Now!)

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