A Book Spy Review: ‘The Switch’ By Joseph Finder


While passing through L.A.X. on his way back to Boston, Michael Tanner, like millions of travelers are forced to do each year, had to surrender his MacBook while going through security. Once he was done, Tanner picked up his laptop, shoved it in his briefcase, and went about his way.

It wasn’t until he was on the plane that Tanner discovered the MacBook he’d grabbed wasn’t his own.

Realizing he’d obviously picked up someone else’s computer, a frustrated Tanner returned the MacBook to his briefcase and made a mental note to call the airport once he was back in Boston. 

The airport, however, was no help. This sort of thing wasn’t all that uncommon, but other than checking the lost and found, there wasn’t much they could do. 

For Tanner, this was just one more thing not going right in his life. His wife, Sarah, who also calls him Tanner instead of referring to him by his first name, had recently left him. On top of that, his business was at a crossroads, sinking faster than he cared to admit. 

What Tanner didn’t know, however, was that in Washington D.C., Will Abbott, the chief of staff to Senator Susan Robbins, a twenty-four year veteran of the Senate from Illinois, was desperate to get his boss’ computer back. The contents on the missing MacBook, a set of highly classified documents, was enough to sink both Will and Senator Robbins should they ever see the light of day.  That, no matter the cost, must be stopped.

As Finder ramps up the suspense, Tanner quickly realizes that he’s caught in the middle of a potentially huge scandal, where a single misstep would cost him more than his business and marriage, but also his life. 

While not quite as compelling as Nick Heller, Finder’s series protagonist last seen in Guilty Minds (2016), Tanner, the down-on-his-luck nice guy, is someone readers can easily relate to and connect with. Helped by the fact that the plot seems infinitely more plausible thanks to a number of recent headlines about politicians mishandling classified documents, The Switch is a timely thriller that wastes little time sucking readers in and taking them on a suspense-fueled thrill ride. 

Proving once again to be the master of conspiracies, Joseph Finder delivers another solid thriller that will keep readers guessing until the very end.

Book Details

Author: Joseph Finder 
Pages: 384 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 110198578X
Publisher: Dutton
Release Date: June 13th, 2017 (Order Now!)

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