A Book Spy Review: ‘Beach Lawyer’ By Avery Duff


Robert Worth has worked tirelessly for the last five years with one goal in mind: to make partner at his law firm, Fanelli & Pierce. However, just days before his dream is scheduled to become a reality, Worth is made aware of an allegation that, if true, is deeply disturbing and will change the way he views his boss, and the firm, forever.

Alison Maxwell, one of Jack Pierce’s clients, hates her lawyer. Not only is Jack rude and not committed to her case, strong-arming her into taking a deal she didn’t feel comfortable with, but he goes out of his way to take jabs at her.

Things take a turn when Alison confides in Robert about his boss, claiming that Jack sexually assaulted her. Knowing Jack requires absolute loyalty, Robert struggles with what he should do, ultimately deciding that the claim is just too disturbing to sweep under the rug. But when he brings it up to his boss, Jack fires him on the spot.

After five grueling years, Robert isn’t about to let go that easily. Not after all he put into Fanelli & Pierce. But rather than seeking revenge, Robert decides to use his newfound abundance of free time to further investigate Alison’s claims. As he digs into Jack Pierce’s life, he turns up far more than he bargained for, and must decide what to do about it.

Avery Duff came up with a solid plot, but the execution fell short. For a legal thriller, which typically relies on fast-pacing and lots of suspense to keep readers turning the pages, Beach Lawyer is painfully slow. It starts good but then slows to a crawl, and it never really gets back to its feet. On top of that, there are an alarming number of plot holes and little character development.

While diehard fans of legal thrillers might find enough promise early on to stick with this one all the way through, many readers will struggle to keep going after the half-way point. Hopefully, Duff regroups and executes his next book better.

The ingredients–most of them, anyway–of a good story are there, but the final product falls short. Beach Lawyer flashes promise, then fails to deliver on it.

Book Details

Author: Avery Duff
Series: Beach Lawyer
Pages: 380 (Paperback)
ISBN: 1503943925
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Release Date: May 1, 2017 (Order Now!)

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