Bestselling Author John Gilstrap Launches Youtube Channel To Give Readers A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The World Of Publishing


Lots of fans and aspiring writers are interested in the behind-the-scenes details of both life as an author, and what goes on in the publishing world. We know because, week after week, it’s one of the most asked questions from our followers who email, message, and comment with various questions. 

A couple of months ago, we discovered that John Gilstrap had launched a Youtube channel making videos that answer precisely these questions. Who better to provide an expert, insider analysis than one of the thriller genre’s most recognizable authors who has multiple bestselling novels under his belt? 

Having spent some time watching the videos, which are impressive in both their depth and overall quality, we reached out to Gilstrap to ask him about his Youtube Channel, which he calls “A Writers View of Writing and Publishing.” 

“I’m doing the videos because I realized that people are interested in what goes on behind the scenes of a creative business. ” Said Gilstrap. “What seems mundane and workaday to me because I’ve been doing it so long seems exotic to many others, and I enjoy sharing and teaching.”

In regards to the content he’s touched on, as well as future plans, Gilstrap added “So far, I’ve mostly focused just on the business elements, but over time I want to get into some of my writing practices and even touch on marketing and promotion. Plus, I don’t know of anyone else who is doing it.”

At the time of this article, Gilstrap has recorded twelve videos so far (including a simple introduction video), which range anywhere from three to eight minutes in length offering advice on everything from how to protect your intellectual property, to when it’s time for a writer to quit their day job and focus on solely on being an author. 

Check out the introduction video below, then swing over to Youtube and give Gilstrap’s channel a “follow.” Also, don’t forget that Gilstrap’s next Jonathan Grave novel, Final Target, the ninth in his series, hits bookstores on June 27th. Read our review here, then pre-order your copy of Final Target, available wherever books are sold. 


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