A Book Spy Review: ‘The Woman from Prague’ By Rob Hart


Just as Ash McKenna’s visa is about to expire and force him to leave Prague, a mysterious figure claiming to be with the American government pays him a visit and offers to fix everything.

Very quickly, Ash, a former New York City-based PI turned apartment rental company employee, learns that the man’s offer is too good to be true. After revealing that he knows Ash’s backstory and complete history, the man, who calls himself Roman, attempts to strong-arm Ash into doing a job for him. Declining, having never heard of the agency Roman claims to work for, Ash assumes that’ll be the end of the conversation. He couldn’t have been more wrong…

Roman, after being rejected, goes from asking Ash for his help, to forcing him to lend his services. Using Ash’s mother’s safety as blackmail, Roman instructs him to meet a woman named Samantha (Sam for short) on the Charles Bridge in the middle of the night, where she’ll pass him a thumb drive.

The supposedly easy job turns dangerous, though, when Ash finds himself in the middle of a professional assassination attempt when a lethal Spetsnaz agent tries to kill Sam.

Forced to go on the run together, Ash discovers that Samantha isn’t who she–or Roman–said she was. While he’s not entirely sure he can trust her, Ash is forced to team up with Sam because, frankly, they’re all each other has in a foreign country with little to no resources at their disposal.

From private investigator to international spy, Ash McKenna’s latest adventure proves to be his most dangerous yet. While the story itself doesn’t have many twists or turns, the straightforward approach works, in part, thanks to nonstop action and the development of Ash–a strong, intriguing, and complex character.

With his latest novel scoring much higher than his previous books, Rob Hart’s The Woman from Prague is a solid option for thriller fans who crave action or are looking for an entertaining story to take with them to the beach this summer.

Book Details

Author: Rob Hart
Series: Ash McKenna #5
Pages: 320 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 1943818479
Publisher: Polis Books
Release Date: July 11, 2017
Book Spy Rating: 6/10
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