USE OF FORCE: Five Questions with Brad Thor

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Ahead of his latest, highly-anticipated new thriller hitting bookstores today, #1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor was kind enough to answer a few of our questions.

Read the short Q&A below, then scroll down to read why Use of Force is this summer’s top must-read thriller! 

TRBS: Use of Force is your sixteenth Scot Harvath novel. Did you ever think, back in 2002 when your first book (The Lions of Lucerne) came out, that the series would still be going strong fifteen years later?
Thor: “Actually, I had never intended on writing Harvath as a series character, but am very glad I did. The response to his introduction was so fantastic, I had to bring him back. Every adventure has become more interesting and more exciting.”
TRBS: You’re known for writing “faction,” a blend of fact and fiction that is incredibly hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. How much research did you do before writing Use of Force?
Thor: “Tons. Every book is packed with research. I spend most of my year getting ready for the next book.”
TRBS: When readers first met Scot Harvath in The Lions of Lucerne, he was a former Navy SEAL turned Secret Service agent—who then went on to become one of America’s top counter-terrorism operatives. Have you ever thought about going back and writing an origin story for Harvath—maybe something during his SEAL days?
Thor: “A lot of fans have asked me about this and I have an idea for a great story. Right now, though, there’s so much happening in Harvath’s current world that I only have time to look forward.”
TRBS: Fans have been anxiously waiting for any news about the upcoming Scot Harvath movie. Are there any updates you can share with us?
Thor: “There are! We have an amazing screenplay written by the powerhouse behind one of last year’s highest grossing action movies. We also have one of the best action movie directors attached, as well as one of the best Directors of Photography. We’re actively putting together the final phases of the deal and hope to be able to begin casting soon. “
TRBS: What’s next for you after your book tour–will you take some time off or jump right into working on the next novel?
Thor: “Right into the next novel.”


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When Brad Thor releases a new book, it’s pretty much a holiday for thriller fans all across the country. Honestly, his books should probably just come with a get-out-of-work slip because of how many people who will either be calling in today to stay home and read Use of Force or are planning to take time off to go to one of his book signing events.

So, what makes Thor’s book so good this year? Well, for starters, Scot Harvath–one of the genre’s most iconic heroes–is suiting up once again, ready to do whatever it takes to keep America safe from a devastating terrorist attack that’s said to be in the works. Over the past few books, Thor has really committed to developing his series character in ways that he previously never touched on. Overall, that development makes Harvath feel more real, and certainly more relatable, adding a little soul to go with his high-octane, hard-hitting plot.

Speaking of action, get ready for a double-dose of it. Thor is no stranger to writing major action sequences–in fact, he’s probably the best in the business at it right now. Fireworks are going off ahead of July 4th this year because Use of Force is Thor’s most action-packed novel to date.

While it can certainly be daunting as a reader to jump into a new long-running series (this is Thor’s sixteenth Scot Harvath novel), Brad Thor does a terrific job writing in a way that–while all part of a series and set in the same universe–allows each book to really stand on its own. So do not let the fact that you might not have read all his previous books stop you from running out and picking up (or staying in and ordering) Use of Force today!




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