Alex Berenson Treats Readers To An Early Sneak Peek Of His Next Thriller, ‘The Deceivers’



Thanks to New York Times bestselling author Alex Berenson, readers everywhere had an explosive July 4th!

On July 3, Alex Berenson posted on his official Facebook page that he’s finished next year’s novel–the twelfth book in his John Wells series–titled The Deceivers. And while it’s not scheduled to hit bookstores until February 6, 2018, Berenson then posted the prologue on the following day, making Independece Day extra special the many fans of his action-packed series. 




See the pages, enlargened and listed in order for your reading pleasure, below:

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Berenson 2.jpg


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Berenson 4.jpg

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Aside from Berenson being really awesome for giving his fans a sneak peek, it’s worth noting that the e-Book version of The Deceivers is abailable for pre-order for the low price of just $9.99. Typically, when a book first comes out, the e-Book price is closer to $15.00, something many readers usually complain about. No word on how long that price will last, so hurry up and get your order in right away.

Check out the official plot details for The Deceivers below:

The Russians don’t just want to influence American elections–they want it all. Former CIA agent John Wells confronts a plot of astonishing audacity as New York Times-bestselling author Alex Berenson goes beyond today’s headlines to tomorrow’s all-too-real threats.

It was supposed to be a terrorist sting. The guns were supposed to be disabled. Then why was there so much blood?

The target was the American Airlines Center, the home of the Dallas Mavericks. The FBI had told Ahmed Shakir that his drug bust would go away if he helped them, and they’d supply all the weaponry, carefully removing the firing pins before the main event. It never occurred to Ahmed to doubt them, until it was too late.

When John Wells is called to Washington, he’s sure it’s to investigate the carnage in Dallas, but it isn’t. The former CIA director, now president, Vinnie Duto has plenty of people working in Texas. He wants Wells to go to Colombia. An old asset there has information to share–and it will lead Wells to the deadliest mission of his life, an extraordinary confluence of sleeper cells, sniper teams, false flag operations, double agents high in the U.S. government–and a Russian plot to take over the government itself. If it succeeds, what happened in Texas will only be a prelude.

Fear not hardcover and audiobook fans, The Deceivers is also available in the those formats too, just click here to pre-order your copy today! 

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