Michael Garin is Set to Return in Peter Kirsanow’s ‘Second Strike,’ in Stores Next May

This year, the political thriller genre was given a huge boost when Peter Kirsanow released his debut novel, Target Omega.

Written in the same vein as Brad Taylor and Mark Greaney, Target Omega introduces readers to former special ops super star Michael Garin. Prior to the events of the first book, Garin was the leader of the elite Omega special operations unit–which is compromised after returning home from a mission. Those events play out in Kirsanow’s action-packed debut novel, which has been one of this year’s surprisingly strong under-the-radar thrillers. If you haven’t read it yet, you should absolutely check it out. 

For those who have read it, Kirsanow is set to release the second book in his series, titled Second Strike, in May of 2018. Check out the plot details below! 


Within mere days of thwarting a cataclysmic electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack against the United States, Michael Garin, former leader of the elite Omega special operations unit, discovers that Russia has triggered an ingenious and catastrophic back-up plan. A “back-up” plan that seeks to establish a new world order.

As the details of the new attack on critical US infrastructure emerge, Garin alerts administration officials, only to be ignored by the nation’s military and intelligence community. No one can believe that the Russians would initiate another strike of such magnitude after the discovery of the original EMP plot.

Alone again, Garin turns to three people for help: Congo Knox, a former Delta Force sniper once tasked with assassinating Garin; Don Dwyer, head of a sprawling military contracting firm; and Olivia Perry, an aide to the national security advisor.

Racing to thwart the attack that will wreak economic devastation and cause the deaths of millions, Garin and his ad hoc team are checked at every turn by the formidable Russian assassin, Taras Bor, who is directed by the enigmatic Smoker—an individual seemingly able to manipulate the highest reaches of the U.S. government.

Garin’s only hope of defeating the meticulously crafted plot is to reach out to a relative in Russia, whose mysterious background astonishes even Garin. Their relationship will determine which nation is left standing as the world’s sole superpower.


Second Strike isn’t yet available for pre-order, but we’ll update this article just as soon as it is! In the meantime, check out Target Omega if you haven’t already. It’s a strong debut and features the type of over-the-top hero fans of this genre crave. 

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