Exclusive: Ted Bell’s ‘Overkill,’ The Next Alex Hawke Thriller, To Hit Bookstores May 1, 2018


It’s been a long time coming, but it sure sounds like it’ll be worth the wait.

The last time readers saw Alex Hawke, he was facing off with Vladimir Putin in Patriot, the ninth novel in Ted Bell’s New York Times best-selling franchise. Fear not, though, because Lord Hawke is set to return in May next year, and Book Spy followers are getting an exclusive first look at the plot details, thanks to Ted Bell himself. 


Overkill plot details

“Moscow, Present Day. 2 AM at a remote airfield, Vladimir Putin’s Gulfstream 750 spools up as a black Range Rover with curtained windows barrels down the rainswept runway toward the plane. Giving chase is a Grosser Mercedes sedan, two men with blazing sub machine guns emerging through the sunroof, firing at Putin as he sprints up the steps…the cabin door slams shut, powerful engines roar, and the big jet goes wheels up just a few feet above the rooftop of the approaching Mercedes.

The president’s powerful enemies, the traitorous Oligarch criminals inside the Kremlin, have finally driven him from power! Days later, the burnt wreckage of the G750 is found high in the Alps, her passengers all burned beyond recognition.

Meanwhile, in a Christmas Day accident in St. Moritz, a Swiss cable car suffers a mysterious explosion that leaves a gondola full of ski school children hanging by a thread. Alex Hawke’s son Alexei is among those who’ve gone missing during an attempted snowstorm rescue…

These two seemingly unrelated events put Hawke on a collision course with his old nemesis Putin. Is the man really dead? Or, did he fake his death to escape his enemies?

Alex Hawke, a broken man himself, must battle his demons as well as KGB assassins as he gets nearer and nearer to the truth. And the world is brought to the brink as a mysterious man called the Sorcerer, secure inside his mountain fortress in the Alps, orchestrates an armed invasion of the tiny fairy tale country of Switzerland. His mission? Blast his way inside the heavily guarded underground vaults where three quarters of the world’s gold reserves lie hidden. The world is stunned by the images of tanks racing through picture postcard villages as screaming fighter jets duel in the blue skies above the World’s “Fort Knox”.

As events escalate, Hawke becomes increasingly convinced that the man behind this chaos may not be the Sorcerer at all!  If he’s right, the true villain may well turn out to be the World’s Most Famous Missing Man!”


Bell, who’s unquestionably one of the genre’s most talented writers, was one of the first thriller authors to have his hero take on Russia’s Putin. While almost everyone else was still writing about radical Islamic terrorism, Bell first shifted towards Russia in 2008 with his hit novel, TSAR, and then again with Patriot. 

And while Patriot, one of our highest-rated novels of 2015, was some of his finest work to date, Bell told us his new thriller is “leaner and meaner” than anything he’s written before… And judging by the plot details he provided us, Overkill is setting up to be his most action-packed thriller yet. Pre-order your copy today here, or anywhere else books are sold! 


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