Steve Hamilton’s Third Nick Mason Novel, ‘An Honorable Assassin,’ To Come Out Next May

Steve Hamilton stunned readers when he introduced a brand new kind of hero in The Second Life of Nick Mason (2016). Mason, a former criminal who went straight before taking one final job that landed him in prison, traded in one sentence for another.

After striking a deal with a major drug kingpin who used shady tactics to get him released from prison, Nick is now carrying out the rest of his sentence working as a criminal errand boy. So while Nick is out from behind bars, he’s far from free. 

His story continues in this year’s Exit Strategy, which–SPOILER ALERT–ends with Nick realizing the man he’s been working for is just one in a long line of thugs who work for a much more powerful criminal empire. It’s pretty clear with how the second book wraps up that Nick will now, against his will, be working for that man. 

While we don’t have any plot details to announce yet, Hamilton’s publisher, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, has released the title for the highly-anticipated next installment of the Nick Mason series. Book three is titled An Honorable Assassin, and will hit bookstores on May 15, 2018. 

If you’re not already reading this series, you should definitely start. Hamilton’s landed a solid punch with each of the first two books, and An Honorable Assassin, which is available for pre-order here, is setting up to be a knockout blow. 

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