Cover Reveal: ‘Crusader One’ by Andrews & Wilson (With Plot Details)

On December 5th, John Dempsey is back in bookstores in Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson’s all-new Tier One thriller, Crusader One.

Not only do we have a first look at the sharp-looking cover, but we also have the explosive plot details, and we caught up with the authors, who explained what their goal was when writing this book. See the details below! 



Crusader One by Andrews & Wilson

Crusader One“Nothing stops former Navy SEAL and Tier One operator John Dempsey from answering the call of duty—including a mission with the highest stakes he’s ever faced. When one of the most brazen and lethal acts of terrorism rocks American and Israeli intelligence forces at the highest levels, Dempsey’s ultracovert antiterror unit, Ember, mobilizes.

But this operation isn’t just a retaliatory strike by Ember; it’s a mission of vengeance for Dempsey—against the Iranian terrorist mastermind who slaughtered Dempsey’s Tier One comrades. Racing from Tel Aviv to Tehran, the elite American warrior and his formidable Israeli counterpart must forsake their backup in a capture-or-kill gambit that could turn into a suicide run.”


“Crusader One was as emotional for us to write as it was for Dempsey and the Ember team to live on the pages,” said Brian Andrews, co-author of the Tier One series.

“The stakes in this novel are higher and more personal than either of the first two books in the series. Dempsey is finally becoming aware that the sacrifices he’s endured, and the choices he’s made, are permanent. In Crusader One, Dempsey is forced to confront the man in the mirror, and decide if he’s ready to make the ultimate sacrifice so that the mission might succeed.” 

Fans of this series know that Andrews & Wilson have been building towards a major confrontation over the first two books. From the sound of it, readers won’t be disappointed. 

Adding to Andrews’ remarks, Jeff Wilson told us, “Crusader One is the concluding novel in the Tier One – Persian trilogy. In this installment, our goal was to finally present Dempsey with the opportunity to confront the villain responsible for massacring his Tier One unit and giving rise to Ember. But to mete justice, and avenge his brothers, he must go on the most terrifying mission of his life, traveling with a mysterious female operator into the very heart of Persia.”  

If you haven’t started reading Andrews & Wilson’s hard-hitting series yet, there’s still time to knock out the first two books, Tier One and War Shadows, before Crusader One hits bookstores this December. 

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