A Book Spy Review: ‘Rule of Law’ by Randy Singer

Rule of lawWhen a mission personally ordered by the president of the United States goes terribly wrong, questions are raised about what, exactly, the leader of the free world knew — and when she knew it.

Navy SEAL Patrick Quillen is gearing up for a covert operation when he finally pops the question and asks his girlfriend, Paige Chambers, to marry him. Sadly for Patrick, Paige is noncommittal. Patrick quickly shoves his personal feelings aside and shifts his focus to the mission at hand — a complex rescue operation to save an American journalist in Yemen. 

After parachuting in and meeting several successful checkpoints, Patrick and his men get ready to blow the explosives set near their entrance point and storm the well-guarded prison where the American is being held, when their mission suddenly goes sideways.

With far more armed guards present than their intelligence suggested, the entire SEAL team is wiped out in a devastating, one-sided bloodbath. In the aftermath, Singer looks towards the families of the courageous men who lost their lives serving their country, including Paige Chambers, who, it turns out, is a lawyer. Devastated, Paige goes looking for someone to blame for the fatal mission, beginning with Amanda Hamilton, the U.S. President, and her chief of staff, Philip Kilpatrick. 

After collecting information that suggests Hamilton may have known at the last minute that the mission was highly likely to fail, but still opted to send American soldiers into harm’s way, Paige decides to act in the name of justice for all those mourning — including herself. Enlisting the help of friend and savvy attorney Wyatt Jackson, she starts working to confirm the serious allegations. 

As the White House dances around persistent questioning from Paige and others, Chambers’ relentless pursuit for the truth takes her fight all the way to the Supreme Court, setting up a high-stakes showdown between her and Hamilton’s administration, which has the advantage of all the power and resources bestowed upon the federal government. 

It’s David versus Goliath in Rule of Law, Randy Singer’s new legal thriller, which mixes shades of political, military, and legal thrillers into one compelling story that asks difficult, thought-provoking questions combined with unflinching action.

While the action scenes are scarce, Singer does a fine job making readers care about the servicemen who, while fictitious, accurately represent the men and women who protect our nation day in and day out. Readers should expect a religious slant in the vein of Joel C. Rosenberg, though Singer’s views never feel in your face or over the top. The legal aspects are intriguing, and Paige is a worthy protagonist whom readers will have an easy time cheering on as she desperately hunts for the truth. All in all, Singer crushes it, delivering a top-notch thriller that should appeal to a wide audience.

Book Details

Author: Randy Singer  
Pages: 480 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 1496418158
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Release Date: September 5, 2017
Book Spy Rating: 7.0/10
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