Quinn Colson Is Back In Ace Atkins’ ‘The Sinners,’ Due In Bookstores July 17, 2018

Following his hit 2017 crime thriller, Ace Atkins is set to release his eighth Quinn Colson novel, titled The Sinners, on July 17, 2018. 

Atkins, one of the premier southern crime writers working today, has quickly grown his series into one of the best the genre has to offer. Atkins first introduced readers to Quinn–a former Army Ranger who returned back to Jericho, Mississippi from Afghanistan–in The Ranger (2011). A book later, in The Lost Ones, Quinn was elected Sheriff of Tibbehah County, a position he’s pretty much held (with the exception of a period of time that spans from The Redeemers to The Fallen) ever since. 

In his latest book, Atkins pits his protagonist against an evil man who, fresh out of prison, returns to Jericho looking for trouble. See the plot details and cover art below.

The Sinners.jpg

“In the new novel from New York Times-bestselling crime master Ace Atkins, violence comes in many forms…and this time it may be more than Quinn Colson can handle.

The Pritchards had never been worth a damn–an evil, greedy family who made their living dealing drugs and committing mayhem. Years ago, Colson’s late uncle had put the clan’s patriarch in prison, but now he’s getting out, with revenge, power, and family business on his mind. To make matters worse, a shady trucking firm with possible ties to the Gulf Coast syndicate has moved into Tibbehah, and they have their own methods of intimidation.

With his longtime deputy Lillie Virgil now working up in Memphis, Quinn Colson finds himself having to fall back on some brand-new deputies to help him out, but with Old West-style violence breaking out, and his own wedding on the horizon, this is without a doubt Colson’s most trying time as sheriff. Cracks are opening up all over the county, and shadowy figures are crawling out through them–and they’re all heading directly for him.”

It’s another two-book year for Atkins, who is still penning novels as part of Robert B. Parker’s Spencer series. The forty-seventh book, and the eighth written by Atkins, in that franchise, Robert B. Parker’s Black Magic, comes out on May 1, 2018.

We’re still nearly eight months away from publication, but fans of Quinn Colson can pre-order Ace Atkins’ forthcoming novel here, or anywhere else books are sold. 

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