Lisa Gardner Releases Book Tour Info For Her New Thriller, ‘Look For Me’

If you live near North Conway, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, or Neptune Beach. . . good news — Lisa Gardner is coming to town next month! 

Over the past few years, Garnder has cemented her status as one the very best writers in her genre. Her new book, Look For Me, is set to hit bookstores on February 6th, and returns her series star Detective D.D. Warren who once again teams up with Find Her‘s Flora Dane.

With publication day quickly approaching, Gardner took to her official Facebook account on Wednesday afternoon to announce the details of her upcoming book tour. 


“Before we know it, LOOK FOR ME will be in stores and so will I. If I’m going to be at your local bookstore, let me know about any coffee shops, restaurants, or other places of local interest that I should try to see while I’m in your hometown. Free time is hard to find, but I do like to get out when I can.”

Gardner’s fans can pre-order Look For Me here, or anywhere else books are sold. If you’re not close enough to make it to one of her events but would like a signed or personalized copy of Gardner’s book, you can call ahead to one of the listed bookstores and buy one that way.

I’ve personally used the Poisoned Pen on more than one occasion and highly recommend them. They’re one of the best stores in the business and have a super friendly, helpful staff. Plus, they typically stream their events live online. Check them out here



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