David Poyer’s Next Thriller, Deep War,’ Scheduled For December 2018 Release

Author David Poyer, known for his blistering naval thriller franchise starring Admiral Dan Lenson, is set to release the eighteenth book in his bestselling series later this year.

Following the events of Hunter Killer (2017), Poyer’s latest novel is titled Deep War and will continue the overall story arc of America’s war with China. Check out the bold cover design, and the action-packed plot details below. 


Deep War by David Poyer.jpg

The war against China turns dire, as the United States struggles to survive in this gripping thriller featuring Navy commander Dan Lenson

After the United States suffers a devastating nuclear attack, and facing food
shortages, power outages, cyber and AI assaults, and a wrecked economy,
Admiral Dan Lenson leads an allied force assigned to turn the tide of war in the
Pacific, using precisely targeted missiles and high-tech weapons systems.

But as the campaign begins, the entire Allied military and defense network is
compromised – even controlled – by Jade Emperor, a powerful Chinese artificial
intelligence system that seems to anticipate and counter every move. While Dan
strives to salvage the battle plan, his wife Blair helps coordinate strategy in
Washington, DC, Marine sergeant Hector Ramos fights in an invasion of
Taiwan, and Navy SEAL master chief Teddy Oberg begins a desperate journey
into central China on a mission that may be the only way to save the United
States from destruction and defeat.

Thrilling, filled with near-future technology, and deeply grounded in the human cost of war, Deep War is a brilliant novel by an acknowledged master of military fiction.


Deep War is slated to come out on December 4th, 2018. It’s not yet available for pre-order, but we’ll update this article just as soon as it is so stay tuned for updates and check back soon! 

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