Lee Child Announces Twenty-Third Jack Reacher Novel, ‘Past Tense’

This November, Jack Reacher is set to return in Lee Child’s all-new thriller, Past Tense.

Details are still pretty scarce, and the book isn’t even available for pre-order quite yet, but Child announced the title himself on Facebook in a post on Friday afternoon.

The post reads: “It’s about the past, it’s a current day story with Reacher looking back into the past because he’s passing by this place in New Hampshire that he recognizes from old paperwork as his father’s birthplace. And so he thinks oh well you know I’ll spend a day, I’ll go take a look, maybe find the old guy’s house or something. He gets into town and there’s no record whatsoever of anyone called Reacher ever living there.”

As soon as more information, including an official release date, plot synopsis, cover art, and a pre-order link is made available, we’ll update this article accordingly. In the meantime, if you haven’t picked up Child’s most recent Reacher book, The Midnight Line, order that here to keep you company while waiting for more details about Reacher #23, Past Tense.


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