Watch: Jack Carr Talks About His Favorite Thriller Authors

Hopefully, by now almost all Book Spy followers are aware of that fact that we’re launching an online book club this March, which kicks off with Jack Carr’s The Terminal List (For more on the Book Club, click here), a very Vince Flynn-like debut novel that starts fast and never lets up. 

On Monday, March 19th, Jack and I will host a Facebook Live session. I’ll interview him, and then we’ll do a Q&A with readers. . . it’s going to be a lot of fun, and we have some other stuff planned as well. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it! 

Carr, a former Navy SEAL, is a really cool guy with an interesting background. Leading up to the release of his book (which comes out next Tuesday, March 6th), his publisher, Emily Bestler Books, is putting out a series of videos so that readers can get to know Jack a little bit ahead of time.

Below is a clip of Jack talking about some of his favorite books and authors, and Book Spy followers are getting an exclusive first-look at it before Carr’s publisher shares it elsewhere. Enjoy! 


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