Marc Cameron’s Second Jack Ryan Novel, ‘Tom Clancy Oath of Office,’ Due Out In November

Back in early 2017, we broke the news that Mark Greaney and Grant Blackwood, two veteran authors who’d penned multiple novels within the Jack Ryan universe, were both exiting the franchise.  

Mike Maden (Drone Threat, etc.) was tabbed to continue the summer books, which largely focus on Jack Ryan Junior and the top-secret unit he’s part of, the Campus. Meanwhile, Marc Cameron (Field of Fire, etc.) was selected to write the fall books, which tend to focus more on President Jack Ryan (the same role Greaney held for many years) and are more geopolitical. 

Since that announcement, both Maden and Cameron have won over Clancy’s fans with well-received thrillers. Maden’s Tom Clancy Point of Contact is one of the best-reviewed Jack Junior books to date, and Cameron, due to his efforts with Tom Clancy Power and Empire, was praised widely by critics and readers alike. In fact, Publishers Weekly went as far as to say that “all the writers who have contributed to this series since Clancy’s death have been good, but Cameron’s formidable performance puts him at the head of the pack.” 

Now, Cameron is gearing up to release his second Jack Ryan novel. I reached out to him over the weekend, and Cameron told me he’s “well down the road writing Oath of Office, and it’s proving to be a great ride.”

“It’s no secret that I reread Without Remorse several times to make sure John Clark’s character in Power and Empire was as close as possible to what Tom Clancy envisioned,” continued Cameron. “Another personal Clancy favorite has always been Cardinal of the Kremlin. If I do my job correctly, readers will find Oath of Office packed with that same kind of tradecraft, intrigue, and betrayal as President Jack Ryan leads his administration against multiple threats, from around the globe and inside the Beltway.”

“I can promise plenty of page time for Clark, Chavez, Jack Jr., and the other iconic characters Tom Clancy created, as well as a few new ones to love — and despise.” 

Tom Clancy Oath of Office sounds awesome. . . check out the plot details and cover art below! 


Oath of Office by Marc Camerob.jpgThe fall of the Iranian government presents unexpected danger to President Jack Ryan in the latest entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling Tom Clancy series.

President Jack Ryan preaches caution when the prospects for a Persian Spring excite the rest of the world. His is the lone Western voice urging watchfulness. As he says, “Sometimes it’s better to have all the bad guys all in one place where you can keep an eye on them rather than scattered around the Middle East.”

Meanwhile, the Campus has been trailing a major international arms dealer whose business has waxed as the power of the Ayatollah has waned. Now, the change of regimes in Iran has opened up formerly unimagined possibilities to him. Possibilities which may lead to a new balance of power in the region.

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Tom Clancy Oath of Office is scheduled to come out on November 27th, and while that is still a long way out, Mike Maden’s second Clancy novel, Tom Clancy Line of Sight, hits bookstores on June 12th, giving anxious fans another highly-anticipated release to help tide them over. Both novels are available for pre-order wherever books are sold. 


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