Sneak Peek: Read the First Chapter of Larry Bond’s ‘Arctic Gambit,’ in Stores May 29th

On May 29th, Jerry Mitchell is back in Arctic Gambit, the sixth book in Larry Bond’s bestselling series and, thanks to the team who run the Tor/Forge Blog, readers can preview the opening chapter for free. 

Though we’re still a month away from publication, Arctic Gambit is available for pre-order here, or anywhere else books are sold! 


1: Phone Call

Emily felt Jerry’s body tense, and she came fully awake. He was sitting up, rigid, listening to the phone.

Small-hours phone calls were hardly worth mentioning in the Mitchell home. Jerry had given his staff a fair-sized list of situations that required contacting the squadron commander immediately, regardless of the hour. She usually slept straight through them. Most were just a notification, or a simple question. Jerry would say a few words, hang up, and go back to sleep himself.

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