SHOOTING GALLERY: Ben Coes to Release All-New Dewey Andreas Short Story this June

Get ready, because Ben Coes is treating readers to two must-read stories this summer. 

Bloody Sunday, the next full-length Dewey Andreas novel, comes out on July 31st. Trust me, it’s awesome, and should definitely be at the top of everyone’s reading list. It features a plot where Dewey must go to North Korea to secure an antidote after he’s accidentally poisoned. . . Pluss, on top of that, Dewey’s tasked with finding a way to prevent Nork Korea from launching a full-scale nuclear attack on the United States, and he only has twenty-four hours to get the job done. 

While Bloody Sunday is absolutely worth the wait, Coes’ is giving his readers an all-new short story to tide them over until the end of July. Shooting Gallery is slated to be released on e-book on June 5th, and for just $1.99 fans can get 80 pages of nonstop action and a generous excerpt of Bloody Sunday

Check out the details below! 


Shooting Gallery.jpgA new short story by New York Times bestselling thriller writer Ben Coes — with time running out, Dewey Andreas is the last hope for a prominent kidnapping victim.

The newly sworn-in Vice President of the United States has a problem. Her son, off in college, doesn’t care for his security detail. So when Spring Break comes around, he slips away from his bodyguard, picks up his best friend, and heads to Mexico for an intended week of sun, sand, women, and hoped-for debauchery. But when he arrives at the airport, a team of well-armed kidnappers grab both him and his friend and escape. Now they’re demanding that an exorbitant ransom be paid in only a few hours — and if it’s not, both boys will be killed.

Dewey Andreas, CIA operative and former Delta, happens to be in Mexico, taking some time away and helping friends Katie Fox and Rob Tacoma with a private job. Hoping to relax, Andreas is now the only hope these two young men have of surviving their misadventure. But Mexico is a big country and, before anything else, Dewey has to find the missing boys. Even then, it’s a race against the clock, with a highly-trained group of vicious men waiting at the other end.

An original Dewey Andreas short story by bestseller Ben Coes.



Honestly, this deal is almost too good to be true. Plenty of authors release e-shorts between novels, but I’ve never read one quite this in-depth before. There’s a handful of really great scenes (including the opening, where the new Vice President is officially sworn into office), and all of Coes’ favorite characters — Dewey, Rob Tacoma, Katie Fox, Hector Calabrisi, and others — all make appearances. 

Ben Coes does more in 80 pages than most authors can do in a full novel. . . Shooting Gallery is awesome, and a total no-brainer for anyone who likes hard-hitting action. Pre-order your copy here, or anywhere else e-books are sold. 


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