SPYMASTER: Brad Thor Gives Readers a Free Sneak Peek of His Latest Scot Harvath Thriller

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Spymaster-cover-400x657px-400x657Sit down and strap in tight, because one of the genre’s most beloved heroes is back in action.

Granted, it’s only for three chapters, but still, Brad Thor can do more in three chapters than some writers can do with half a book. Don’t believe me? Check out the explosive sneak peek that Thor just gave readers (via his official newsletter) of his upcoming new novel, Spymaster.

The excerpt opens with Scot Harvath in Norway, accompanying Norwegian commandos through a snowstorm. Together, the unit moves, carefully, slowly advancing through the frozen forest towards a cabin. Suddenly, all hell breaks loose and Harvath finds himself in the middle of another gunfight. We learn that the multiple men who are returning fire belong to a group that Scot has been tracking for months After following their trail through Portugal, Spain, and Greece, the American counterterrorism operative has finally caught a break. 

Thor ramps up the action, dropping readers into the frozen pines beside Harvath in the middle of an ambush that ends with him chasing a man who was able to escape on foot. To find out what happens next, you’ll have to read the excerpt, but for those wondering, Thor does address the current status of Reed Carlton, Harvath’s boss and mentor. (It was revealed in Use of Force that Carlton is battling a serious disease, and as we pointed out here, it’s been widely speculated that this book will feature a heavy dose of Reed, the original Spymaster.) 

If you’re not already signed up for Brad Thor’s free monthly newsletter, you should be. Do that here! Thankfully, even if you weren’t signed up prior to today, you can download the excerpt here. Just make sure that you’ve got a quiet, distraction-free place to read for ten or fifteen minutes because Thor is a master at grabbing readers early. . . trust me, you won’t put this excerpt down, and once it’s done, you’ll wish like hell that Spymaster was coming out tomorrow. 

The fireworks start one day early this year when Spymaster, the all-new Scot Harvath novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor, hits bookstores on July 3, 2018. Pre-order your copy wherever books are sold! 


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