Read the Plot Details for Andrews & Wilson’s Next Tier One Thriller, ‘American Operator’

On November 6th, former Navy SEAL and Tier One operator John Dempsey returns in American Operator, an all-new novel from the dynamic writing team of Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson.

Andrews & Wilson first introduced Dempsey to the thriller world in 2016’s Tier One, their critically-acclaimed novel that featured a raw and honest look at what individuals go through in order to protect innocent Americans from the dangers lurking in the darkness all around our great country. To better fight those threats, Dempsey gives up everything, including his family, shedding his identity in order to go after the terrorists plotting and planning to strike a blow to the United States.

Not only is he on the front lines of the war on terror, Dempsey walks in the shadows along with the bad guys. . . quickly becoming their worst nightmare.

Dempsey’s personal sacrifice is America’s gain, and the authors deployed a fascinating story structure that saw one main story arc play out over the first three novels, including War Shadows andCrusader One, which came out last December. Without giving anything from the first three books away, that long arc was essentially tied up at the conclusion of Crusader One. Now, Dempsey is gearing up to take on a brand new threat in American Operator. Check out the plot details below! 


An explosive, high-stakes thriller of espionage and counterterrorism by the Wall Street Journal bestselling authors of Tier One.

A shocking attack in Ankara leaves the US Ambassador to Turkey dead and his chief of staff, Amanda Allen, in the hands of brutal terrorists. But Allen is no ordinary diplomat. She’s undercover CIA. The DNI and the President turn to Ember, America’s premier black-ops task force, and its deadliest weapon, former Tier One Navy SEAL John Dempsey, for help. To find Allen, Ember gets embedded in the most dangerous battlefield on Earth: Syria. But when all communications are disabled by an attack in Turkey, Dempsey finds himself with no backup—a lone shadow warrior racing against time to rescue Allen from her captors before she reaches her breaking point.

What Dempsey doesn’t realize is that Allen is just a pawn in a much larger game. A new player has already been unleashed: a legendary mercenary who matches the American Operator in skill, tactical prowess, and a killer instinct for survival. Now there is far more at stake than a kidnapped CIA agent. Dempsey and his team better get this one right, because the balance of power for the entire Middle East hangs in the balance. And the new threat is far more dangerous than any Dempsey has encountered in his decades waging war against terrorism. Game on.



American Operator, the highly-anticipated new thriller from Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson, comes out on November 6th. Pre-order your copy here, or anywhere else books are sold. 



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