HUNT THEM DOWN: Simon Gervais’ New Series to Kick Off January 1st, 2019

I think a book’s cover should serve as a reader’s first glimpse into the story,” said internationally bestselling thriller author Simon Gervais, speaking to The Real Book Spy about his first novel in an all-new series, “and with Hunt Them Down, the team at Thomas & Mercer nailed it.” 

The fonts and pictures they incorporated within the design convey boldness and excitement mixed with a sense of urgency, and since Hunt Them Down is a fast-paced action thriller set in Miami and Mexico, I believe the cover design team truly came up with a great concept. I couldn’t be happier.”

Hunt Them Down introduces the world to former Army Ranger Pierce Hunt, and is set for publication on January 1st, 2019. This is the first book from Gervais, a former counterterrorism agent, that’s not part of his Mike Walton series.

As for what to expect, Gervais told me fans can count on plenty more “high-octane thrillers with explosive storylines and quite a few dramatic twists and turns” moving forward, before adding, “Pierce Hunt is a DEA special agent and a former Army Ranger, so you know there will be plenty of action scenes.”


Hunt Them DownThe dark world he’s been fighting against has caught up with him. Will his daughter pay the price?

Former Army Ranger Pierce Hunt is no stranger to violence. Fresh off a six-month suspension, he’s itching to hit a notorious Mexican drug cartel where it hurts, even if that means protecting crime boss Vicente Garcia, a witness in the case against sadistic cartel leader Valentina Mieles. But things spiral out of control when the cartel murders Garcia and kidnaps his granddaughter and an innocent bystander, Hunt’s own teenage daughter.

Mieles wants the new head of the Garcia family on a plate—literally. Hunt has seventy-two hours to deliver, or Mieles will execute the girls live on social media. With the clock ticking, Hunt goes off the grid and teams up with Garcia’s daughter, a former lover and current enemy. To save the girls, Hunt will have to become a man he swore he’d never be again: an avenging killer without limits or merc.



“Hunt is the absolute last person you want to mess with, especially if he feels that your intentions are less than honorable,” says Gervais, offering readers more insight into his new protagonist.

“He’s ruthless and capable of stunning violence when he deems it necessary, but he also relies on his intellect to outsmart his opponents. He’s totally unafraid to bend, stretch, and even break the law if that’s what he needs to do to get the job done. If I had to compare him to well-known characters, I’d say Pierce Hunt is a mix between Jason Bourne and Vic Mackey from the TV cop-drama series The Shield.”

#1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Goldberg says “Your hunt for the next great adventure novel is over. If Jack Reacher started writing thrillers, he’d be Simon Gervais.”

Hunt Them Down, one of the most anticipated action thrillers coming out in early 2019, is now available wherever books are sold. 


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