Eric Van Lustbader’s Testament Series Coming to a Close with ‘The Sum of All Shadows’

Eric Van Lustbader’s Testament series will come to a close in 2019 when The Sum of All Shadows comes out on June 9, 2019. 

Most known for his work in Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne franchise, Van Lustbader kicked off his own series in 2006 with The Testament to mixed reviews. While there’s definitely been a loyal following of the series, which continued with The Fallen and Four Dominions, they’ve never reached near the popularity of the Bourne series. The last book saw Emma and Bravo Shaw rescue “Testament of Lucifer,” only to realize Lucifer’s Fallen have already woken, setting up an end-of-days battle of biblical proportions.

With the final days nearing an end, the battle they’ve been preparing for is finally here . . . 

eric-van-lustbader-2.jpgThe Sum of All Shadows is the dramatic finale of New York Times bestselling author Eric Van Lustbader’s pulse-pounding Testament series.

For millennia, Lucifer―the Sum of All Shadows―has been biding his time, rebuilding his influence. At long last, he is ready to enact his ultimate revenge: to reverse the bitter humiliation of the Fall by leading the annihilation of heaven.

To combat the ultimate destroyer, Bravo and Emma Shaw have recovered the lost Testament, raced around the world, and battled adversaries both human and other. Now, caught between enemies and friends and potential enemies, they must find the lost treasure of King Solomon’s alchemical gold and cross not only the world but even time itself to stop the infernal army.

But even if they are successful, their lives may still be forfeit . . . 



Eric Van Lustbader is the author of many New York Times bestselling thrillers, including The Testament, First Daughter, Last Snow, and Blood Trust. Lustbader was chosen by Robert Ludlum’s estate to continue the Jason Bourne series, and his Bourne novels include The Bourne Legacy and The Bourne Betrayal. He and his wife live on the South Fork of Long Island.

The Sum of all Shadows is currently available for pre-order wherever books are sold, well ahead of its summer 2019 publication date. While there’s currently no official cover art, we’ll update this article just as soon as its unveiling in the coming months. 



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