A Book Spy Review: ‘Deep War’ by David Poyer


Deep War by David PoyerAmerica is still battling China in David Poyer’s latest military thriller, and things aren’t going the United State’s way.

Following the events of Hunter Killer, there’s a smorgasbord of wars being fought around the world, and it’s not all just the U.S. and China. North Korea continues to invade South Korea, but they’re hardly the only ones at odds. 

Still, America is the center of the story and, as a country, they’re reeling. The People’s Empire of China has already dealt them several crippling blows, including a devastating nuclear strike in Hawaii that wiped out Navy battleships and more than 10,000 people. Armed with plenty of nukes themselves, the U.S. opts to forego a counter punch in kind, knowing such an attack would only cause thing to escalate further when they’re already vulnerable thanks to a massive cyber attack that–aside from destroying communication satellites and devices–has made it impossible to get their badly wrecked naval vessels back online. Panic fills the country, and anxiety only rises when food shortages break out, adding to the many terrifying problems. 

Worse yet, Dan Lenson, the longtime hero of this series, is stranded on a deserted island. America needs him to get back into the fight, but even the battle-tested Lenson has never seen such a war, as the Chinese continue to use various high-tech means of attack. Thankfully, America does find an unlikely ally, teaming up with a country they once went to war with, but it may be too little too late unless Navy SEAL Commander Teddy Oberg can lead his team of elite commandos deep into China to execute a precision strike on a target that could turn the tides of the war.

With multiple storylines playing out in riveting fashion, David Poyer’s latest offering will leave readers desperately flipping pages as the story unfolds, racing to see how things end. While he’s long been a solid storyteller and underrated contributor to the naval thriller genre, Poyer ups his game with this one, elevating his writing to match the bold, high-stakes scenarios found here, all told with authentic details and stunning realism. It’s long been said that a thriller writer’s job is to beat headlines, and while it’s hard to say that Poyer’s plot could one day play out exactly as he’s imagined here, it’s plausible that the next World War, whenever that may be, might very well look a whole lot like Deep War. 

Not since Tom Clancy was in his heyday has there been a thriller with this many moving parts, this deep a cast of characters, this smart of a concept, and this much action. David Poyer has never been better . . . Deep War is an absolute knockout and a must-read for fans of Clancy, Larry Bond, and Rick Campbell. 

Book Details

Author: David Poyer
Series: Dan Lenson #18
Pages: 304 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 9781250101105
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Release Date: December 4, 2018
Book Spy Rating: 8.0/10




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