A Book Spy Review: ‘The Night Window’ by Dean Koontz


THe Night window SDIt’s all been building to this. Those who’ve followed Koontz’s series from the beginning (The Silent Corner in 2017) knew it was coming, and now, after four previous books, Jane Hawke is finally ready to finish what she started.

Ever since they messed with the wrong guy, her husband, Jane Hawke has had her sights set on the ruthless cabal known as the Techno Arcadians. Years back, The Arcadians, a powerful group of people hellbent on using manipulation and persuasion to gain power, used nanoparticles—injected into their victims—to brainwash Jane’s husband, who eventually went so mad that he took his own life. Since then, Jane has worked tirelessly to complete two objectives: protect her son, Travis, and expose the Arcadians before burning them to the ground.

Here, following the events of The Forbidden Door (2018), Jane has stashed Travis with friends out west and teamed up with former FBI agent turned hacker extraordinaire Vikram Rangnekar, who managed to obtain valuable intelligence about the Arcadians. Jane believes the group is funded by billionaire Warwick Hollister, a certified psychopath who proves his evilness by hunting helpless individuals for sport at his Colorado compound, and wants to go after him. However, news that someone has identified Travis changes everything, leaving Jane in an impossible situation that, if she’s not careful, could lead to her failing both of her objectives . . . and everything she’s worked so hard for.

Over the last few years, Dean Koonz has quickly established Jane Hawke as one of the best female protagonists in the genre. And fans have rooted for her since book one, no matter how high the odds were stacked against her. Whether it was feeling for her loses or cheering her on as she figured out ways to dodge facial recognition software at every turn in order to evade Arcadian forces, readers have longed to see her expose the conspiracy that’s claimed countless lives. Now, the story’s come full circle, and while it’s unclear whether or not Koontz intends this to be the final book in the series or just the final book under this story arc, Hawke fans will no doubt appreciate the thrilling yet satisfying ending.

That said, the structure in this one’s a bit choppy, and Koontz may have tried to fit one too many storylines into the fold, taking away from Jane’s screentime—which is really too bad, because her pages are excellent. Still, many questions are finally answered, and Vikram Rangnekar (who crushed on hard on Hawke) proves to be a fun addition to the cast. Previously, Jane has never known who she could really trust, so seeing her finally have a companion with a common goal is a welcomed contrast to the earlier books.

Dean Koontz’s The Night Window is a fast-paced thriller that finally ties up a number of loose ends and provides closure to the series’ long-running storyline. Readers will hope this isn’t the end of Jane Hawke, but even if it is, at least she goes out with a bang.

Book Details

Author: Dean Koontz
Series: Jane Hawke #5
Pages: 496 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 0525484701
Publisher: Bantam
Release Date: May 14, 2019
Book Spy Rating: 7.5/10




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