‘Bosch’ TV Show Renewed, Final Season Announced

BoschHarry Bosch is coming to an end . . .

Well, at least on television.

The hit TV show, one of Amazon’s first original productions and their longest-running show to date, is coming it to a close in 2021, Deadline reports, with its seventh and final season set to air next spring.

Bosch, which stars Titus Welliver in the titular role, is set to return for season six sometime this year. The show, based on the New York Times bestselling novels from Michael Connelly, has received rave reviews from critics and viewers throughout its run, which started back in early 2014, and is one of the few film or television adaptions that has won over book fans as well as new viewers, largely in part for shows willingness to stay close to its source material.

With the end in sight, it’s no longer too early to begin considering Bosch‘s legacy, and there’s no question the show will be remembered for, among other things, the terrific cast and crew. Over the last few decades, you’d be hardpressed to find an actor who embodies their character more than Welliver does Bosch, who’s success bringing the veteran LAPD detective to life on the small screen has no doubt been the key to pulling audiences in for the last six years.

Whereas other adaptions struggle to win over fans of the author’s books due to casting decisions (Lee Child’s Jack Reacher comes to mind, with readers almost unanimously voicing their displeasure with Tom Cruise’s portrayal of the hulking nomad), Wellivus is Harry Bosch. Much in the same way that Robert Downey Jr’s name is now synonymous with Tony Stark, it’s hard to imagine anyone else ever playing Connelly’s beloved hero, should there ever be future shows or movies—including a potential Renee Ballard spinoff—down the road.

For fans of the show who are sad to see it come to an end, you’re not alone. After the surprise announcement from Amazon, Welliver shared Deadline’s report and was quick to shoot down one Twitter user who speculated that the news might be some sort of ploy from Amazon to leverage more studio-friendly costs in any future contract negotiations, saying “not at all.” He then answered two additional fans—one who asked if he was happy with the news, to which he replied “nope,” and then to another who asked if he was okay with things, to which he simply said, “bummed.” A third tweet, however, may give some fans hope.

One Twitter user tagged Welliver in a tweet that suggested a standalone movie, taking place after season seven, would be a good way to wrap things up. To that, the actor replied, “agreed.” Now, there’s nothing to suggest that’s being seriously considered by Amazon or the producers at this time, but there’s also no reason fans can’t hop on social media and let their desire for more Bosch be heard.

Either way, it is said that the show is ending, but the timing is also confusing. With so many books that have yet to be covered on the show, not to mention any future titles Connelly may write, it sure seems like Bosch could have continued at least several more seasons. Maybe more.

Here’s to hoping Amazon will offer more details on their head-scratching decision . . . because no matter how you slice it, it’s just plain hard to understand why one of the best shows on TV is coming to a premature end.



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