A Book Spy Review: ‘Code of the Assassin’ by Bill Brewer


After introducing readers to his hero, David Diegert, in Dawn of the Assassin, Bill Brewer continues to churn out action-packed thrillers at a blazing clip—and his latest is his most exciting novel yet.

Crepusculous, a powerful company operating behind the scenes, lives in the shadows and operates much like a deeper deep state, controlling the world economy with an iron fist. Though their tactics are generally more controlled and secretive, there are times that they require a sledgehammer to get results, and that’s where David Diegert comes in.

Diegert, a capable, battled-tested operator who cut his teeth in the military before being handed a dishonorable discharge for crimes he wasn’t part of, is stuck working for Crepusculous whether he wants to or not. Generally, Diegert lives by his own code, and though the money is good and he doesn’t mind running and gunning, David’s relationship with the shadow company sours as they continue to task him with assignments that go against his own moral code for killing.

As the story unfolds, things finally come to a head after Diegert discovers Crepusculous‘s plans and strategy for obtaining what they want, setting up the biggest decision he’s faced yet—be compliant and stay alive, or risk everything by taking on the most powerful organization in the world . . .

Though he’s best known for his brutal action sequences, which were on full display in his previous book (Blood of the Assassin), Bill Brewer dials back the mayhem ever so slightly in this one in favor of more plot and character development. For this go-around, it’s all about answering questions posed in the first two books, and showing David’s response to the controversy he faces. That’s not to say the bullets don’t fly, but with more substance and a tighter plot, Brewer’s latest offering is a more well-rounded thriller that delivers the goods and continues to build up one of the best anti-heroes currently operating in the genre today.

Well-written, filled with action, and smartly-plotted, Bill Brewer’s Code of the Assassin is a throwback-style thriller that packs a mean punch.

Book Details

Author: Bill Brewer
Series: David Diegert Series #3
Pages: 353 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 1734507721
Publisher: Thrillex Publishing
Release Date: MY 29, 2020



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