EXCLUSIVE: See the Cover for Andrews & Wilson’s ‘Sons of Valor’

The Tier One universe is about to get much bigger.

Back in 2016, #1 internationally bestselling co-authors Brian Andrews and Jeff Wilson introduced readers to John Dempsey, a Tier One operator who sacrificed everything to become a ghost for his country. Since then, Dempsey has taken the fight to the bad guys as part of Ember, an elite off-the-books government program. Though John is the series protagionist and one of the genre’s best lead characters, Andrews and Wilson have developed a brilliant cast around him—and now, one of those supporting characters is getting their own spinoff series.

For those who’ve been reading the Tier One books, Keith ”Chunk” Redman is a man who needs no introduction. An accomplished Navy SEAL who has laid it all on the line numerous times to protect his men and fellow countrymen, Chuck will anchor what’s being called The Tier One Shared-World Series, which kicks off in 2021 with Sons of Valor.

Check out the official cover art and plot details below.


Sons of valor …

Navy SEAL Keith ”Chunk” Redman has been one of the military’s top doorkickers since the day he pinned on his trident: loyal, single-minded, lethal. Tasked to lead a new, covert team of Tier One SEALs—the most elite special operators in the world—Chunk can no longer simply rely on the status quo. To safeguard America, he needs help to stay a step ahead of its adversaries.

Brilliant at spotting patterns in the data that others miss, ex-CIA analyst Whitney Watts sees evidence of a troubling link between illicit Chinese arms sales and an attack on a US military convoy in Afghanistan. If she’s right, it would portend not only massive casualties, but a devastating threat to global stability.

Sons of war …

From the ashes of a never-ending war, a new generation of terrorists has arisen: sophisticated, tech-savvy, and hiding in plain sight among America’s allies. Battered by the Taliban and by the West, they call themselves al Qadr—Power and Destiny—and they’re determined to wrest back control of their homeland. Armed with a powerful combat drone, they can strike with deadly precision at US forces in the region—but their ambitions reach far, far beyond that.

A new legacy …

The new Tier One’s first mission will require them to not only prove themselves, but to stop an enemy who’s using military tactics against them. Chunk and his team aren’t just the tip of the spear; they’re America’s first, last, and best counterterrorism defense. And they couldn’t have arrived at a more urgent—and perilous—time.



Brian Andrews is a US Navy veteran, Park Leadership Fellow, and former submarine officer with a psychology degree from Vanderbilt and a masters in business from Cornell University. He is the author of three critically acclaimed high-tech thrillers: Reset, The Infiltration Game, and The Calypso Directive.

Jeffrey Wilson has worked as an actor, firefighter, paramedic, jet pilot, and diving instructor, as well as a vascular and trauma surgeon. He served in the US Navy for fourteen years and made multiple deployments as a combat surgeon. Wilson is the author of three award-winning supernatural thrillers: The Traiteurs Ring, The Donors, and Fade to Black. He and his wife live in Southwest Florida with their four children.

This announcement only adds to what has been a huge year for Andrews and Wilson, who recently published Collateral, their sixth Dempsey book, and released their own line of A&W merchandise. On top of that, news broke a few months back that the duo would be continuing the late W.E.B. Griffin’s Presidential Agent series and kicking off another new franchise for Tyndale—giving them a total of four different ongoing series. 

Readers excited to get their hands on Sons of Valor (due out June 8, 2021) can now pre-order their copy here or anywhere else books are sold. In the meantime, make sure you’re following Andrews and Wilson on Facebook, Twitter, and their official website for more details. 


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