EXCLUSIVE: See the Cover for M.P. Woodward’s ‘Dead Drop’ (with Details)


Following up on his brilliant debut thriller M.P. Woodward is back with another riveting novel called Dead Drop, in stores on May 23, 2023.

First of all, if you haven’t read The Handler, you’re missing out. That book, which introduced a disgraced former CIA operative who was forced to go back into the field with his ex-wife acting as his only handler, is one of the best debut novels of 2022. It also launched an exciting new series, putting Woodward square on the thriller map as a name to pay close attention to moving forward.

His follow-up, Dead Drop, brings back both John and Meredith Dale in what promises to be even more explosive that his acclaimed debut.

“In Dead Drop, allies become enemies as CIA and Mossad play a deadly game of spy vs spy,” said Woodward in an exclusive statement to The Real Book Spy. “When the US pursues a new Iranian nuclear deal, Israel’s recovery of an unexploded Hezbollah missile has everyone scrambling. John and Meredith Dale have the only Iranian asset who could reveal the truth—but the former Quds man has his own agenda. And seeing an American administration blinded by the nuclear deal’s political win, Mossad’s ops chief and his beautiful protege aren’t playing nice. They’ll take down anyone to get to the asset first—including Meredith and John.  Across the intelligence battlefields of Beirut, London, and Tehran, this is ultimately a story about trust—among nations, agencies, spymasters… and former lovers.”

Check out the official cover art and plot details below!


International nuclear negotiations turns allies into enemies in this electrifying thriller from the author of The Handler.

Nuclear negotiations between the United States and Iran have reached a crisis point. The new American administration is determined to move ahead, but there are several stumbling blocks, not the least of which is Lieutenant Colonel Kasem Khalidi, the Iranian intelligence officer the CIA has hidden away in one of its safe houses. 

As always, John and Meredith Dale are caught in the middle. Mossad—the Israeli intelligence agency—wants Meredith’s help to find the lead Iranian rocket scientist; while John is in a desperate race to keep Kasem one step ahead of an Iranian hit squad. 

They are pawns in an international chess game, and any player knows you cannot capture the king without sacrificing some pawns.



M. P. Woodward is a veteran of both US intelligence ops and the entertainment industry. As a naval intelligence officer with the US Pacific Command, he scripted scenario moves and countermoves for US war game exercises in the Middle East. In multiple deployments to the Persian Gulf and Far East, he worked alongside US Special Forces, CIA, and NSA. Today, Woodward runs international distribution marketing for Amazon Prime Video, having launched Amazon’s original video content in more than forty countries through more than one hundred cable, wireless, and broadband partnerships. He collaborates closely with content creators and distributors in driving viewer awareness and engagement. He is currently developing the international distribution strategy for the upcoming serial adaptation of The Lord of The Rings.

Readers who are excited to pre-order Dead Drop ahead of its May 2023 release can now do so here or anywhere else books are sold.



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