A Book Spy Review: ‘Murder Book’ by Thomas Perry


Thomas Perry follows up his smash hit novel The Old Man (2017), with another heart-pounding thriller that is too good to miss.

Harry Duncan, a Chicago-based private investigator and the star of Perry’s latest nail-biter is a retired cop living a relatively quiet life. That changes when his ex-wife, Ellen Leicester, who he hasn’t seen in fifteen years, calls out of the blue.

Ellen, a U.S. Attorney, suspects that a string of crimes flooding smaller tows is part of a larger conspiracy. However, a gut instinct isn’t enough to pursue things on her own, so instead, she turns to Harry—who reluctantly and surprisingly agrees to check things out and see what he can find.

The theory, according to Hellen, is that organized crime operations in Chicago are slowly starting to expand elsewhere. So, to verify, Harry heads to Indiana and starts poking around. That leads to a run-in with some bad guys, which, after he makes quick work of them, only leads to more trouble. Soon, Harry realizes that not only is there far more going on than anyone realizes, but he also suspects a mole in Hellen’s office. The question is, how does he expose the truth . . . and more importantly, how can he stop it?

Thomas Perry is at his very best here, delivering a smart and riveting story that twists its way to a relentless final act that’ll blow his readers away. Harry Duncan is a great character, and Perry develops him enough that many will hope this book is just the start of many that’ll feature the fearless investigator. In fact, while Perry’s The Old Man, adapted for TV on FX, is a classic, Murder Book might be even better.

Told with the same smooth prose that Perry’s become so known for, his latest thriller proves yet again that he remains one of the strongest writers in the genre today.

Book Details

Author: Thomas Perry
Pages: 420 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 1613163835
Publisher: Mysterious Press
Release Date: January 17, 2023
Real Book Spy Rating:8.0/10



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