Featured Review: ‘Huron Nights’ by Landon Beach


When a small town is rocked by a gruesome murder, the locals want answers in this page-turning follow-up to Landon Beach’s Huron Breeze, but getting them won’t be easy.

As Labor Day weekend rolls around, Rachel Roberts—who is secretly one of the bestselling authors in the world—wants nothing more than enjoy one last taste of summer, soaking up the sun and fresh breeze off Lake Huron. But when a murder-suicide rocks her small Michigan town, Rachel once again finds herself up against a fast-approaching deadline as she searches for the truth . . . wherever that may lead her.

Beach, who has flashed incredible talent and some of the best range in the genre today with his last hit, Narrator, delivers his first true sequel to date, bringing back Roberts, one of his best creations so far. The mystery within a mystery, all told through the eyes of a thriller novelist, takes readers back to Hampstead, Michigan, the setting for Beach’s 2021 novel, Huron Breeze. This time around, though, the case—once again brought to Rachel by local private investigator Obadiah Ben-David—seems pretty straight forward.

Artie and Misty Jensen, a wealthy couple well-known in the community, are both dead. Ben-David expects a quick case, open and closed in no time. He, of course, like everyone else, has no clue that Rachel is actually author Riley Cannon (she’s used a pen name her whole career), but after the two bonded the year prior, he’s come to value her input and trust her gut. Unbeknownst to him, it’s Rachel’s plotting, curious mind that’s allowed her to have such a successful career writing. And it doesn’t take her long to sense that something if off here, leading to one twist after another, as Beach treats his readers to yet another nail-biting adventure that perfectly sets up the next book, expected later this year.

Aside from Rachel Roberts, Beach has done a terrific job developing Obadiah Ben-David too. A damaged, searching soul, Ben-David plays the role of mentor to Rachel, but really, the two continue to learn from one another. The yin to Robert’s yang, some of Huron Night’s best pages are the ones that feature both characters together. That said, the mystery itself is well done, and is sure to keep readers guessing right up to the very end.

Fans of James Patterson and Nora Roberts will especially love Beach’s latest. If you’re not already reading his work, start.

Book Details

Author: Landon Beach
Series: Rachel Roberts #2
Pages: 465
ISBN: 1732257892
Release Date: December 18, 2022
Real Book Spy Rating: 8.75/10


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