Daniel Silva – Gabriel Allon Series (and others)

Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon series in chronological order:

  1. The Kill Artist
  2. The English Assassin
  3. The Confessor
  4. A Death in Vienna
  5. Prince of Fire
  6. The Messanger
  7. The Secret Servant
  8. Moscow Rules
  9. The Defector
  10. The Rembrandt Affair
  11. Portrait of a Spy
  12. The Fallen Angel
  13. The English Girl
  14. The Heist
  15. The English Spy
  16. The Black Widow
  17. House of Spies 
  18. The Other Woman

Daniel Silva’s Michael Osbourne series in chronological order:

  1. The Mark of the Assassin
  2. The Marching Season
  • The Unlikely Spy (A standalone novel from Daniel Silva)

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