Kyle Mills – Mark Beamon Series (and others)

Kyle Mills’ Mark Beamon Series in chronological order:

  1. Rising Phoenix*
  2. Storming Heaven
  3. Free Fall
  4. Sphere of Influence
  5. Darkness Falls

* Rising Phoenix was Mills’ debut novel, which was published in August of 1997.

Robert Ludlum’s Covert-One Series (Which has several authors contributing to it)

  1. The Hades Factor
  2. The Cassandra Compact
  3. The Paris Option
  4. The Altman Code
  5. The Lazarus Vendetta
  6. The Moscow Vector
  7. The Arctic Event
  8. The Ares Decision*
  9.  The Janus Reprisal
  10. The Utopia Experiment **
  11. The Geneva Strategy
  12. The Patriot Attack***

* The Ares Decision (10/4/2011) was the first books that Mills contributed to the Covert-One series.

** The Utopia Experiment (3/26/2013) was the second book that Mills contributed to the Covert-One series.

*** The Patriot Attack (9/29/2015) is the latest installment of the the Covert-One series, written by Mills.

Kyle Mills’ standalone novels:

  • The Immortalists
  • Fade
  • Burn Factor
  • Smoke Screen
  • The Second Horseman
  • Lords of Corruption

Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp Series

  1. American Assassin
  2. Kill Shot
  3. Transfer of Power
  4. The Third Option
  5. Separation of Power
  6. Executive Power
  7. Memorial Day
  8. Consent to Kill
  9. Act of Treason
  10. Protect and Defend
  11. Extreme Measures
  12. Protect and Defend
  13. The Last Man
  14. The Survivor*

* The Survivor (10/6/2015) is Mills’ first contribution to the Mitch Rapp series, the first of his three book deal to continue the series after the passing of author – and series creator – Vince Flynn.

** Technically, the book Term Limits, published by Flynn in 1997, is a stand alone novel as it doesn’t feature CIA operative Mitch Rapp. However, it does take place in the same fictional universe and feature many other characters from the Rapp series. Speaking from a chronological standpoint, it should be read between Kill Shot and Transfer of Power.

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