Want the chance to win a signed print from Brad Thor? You have until Sunday to sign up for his newsletter!

Forget the autographed print, if you aren’t signed up for Brad Thor’s newsletter, you’re already missing out! Change that ASAP by going here, and entering your email address and information.

As for the signed print because, let’s be honest, we didn’t forget about it either, the December issue of the Brad Thor newsletter will apparently be going out (again) to new followers this Sunday, December 6, 2016.

Here’s a tweet from Brad Thor:

Typically Thor’s newsletters come with a contest question, and he’s always giving his fans a chance at winning some really great stuff. With Christmas right around the corner, what could possibly make for a better gift than a signed print (or anything) from one of the most famous authors on the planet?

Even if you don’t win the free print, head to the Brad Thor online store and treat yourself, or the reader in your life, to an awesome gift this holiday season!

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