Brad Taylor teases first details about his tenth Pike Logan thriller ‘Ghosts of War’ – coming in June of 2016

We’re still twenty-four days (as of Saturday) away from the release of The Forgotten Soldier, but details are starting to emerge about Brad Taylor’s 2016 thriller Ghosts of War – the tenth novel in the Pike Logan series which will hit bookstores on June 28, 2016.

Speaking to Steve Malzberg on Newsmax, Taylor confirmed that he is writing the tenth Pike Logan book right now. He also slipped in a little teaser saying the following:

“Pike Logan is coming back in book ten, I’m writing it right now. I’m moving away from Islamic terrorism and looking more along the fault line of The Iron Curtain”

Watch the video below and pay close attention starting at the five minute mark to hear Brad talk about the tenth book – Ghosts of War – just before the interview ends.

As if we weren’t already excited enough, now we have to go another six months wondering who Pike and the Taskforce take on next!

Brad Taylor is one of my favorite authors so I’ll be all over this book, spying for any and all details leading up to the release. Check back often for more updates!

Click here to read my review of The Forgotten Soldier, on sale later this month, and go here to pre-order Ghosts of War from Amazon.

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