Check out the book trailer, and UK cover art for Harlan Coben’s new thriller: ‘Fool Me Once’

Fans of bestselling author Harlan Coben, I have two words for you: buckle up! His new standalone novel, Fool Me Once, comes out March 22, 2016 and it sounds absolutely fantastic!

In a plot that reminds me just a little bit of the movie Double Jeopardy (but with a twist) Coben’s Fool Me Once is about a women who witnessed her husband’s murder, only to see him apparently alive and well with their son on her hidden nanny cam.

Whaaat? Yeah, I’m excited too!

Think you’re pumped up right now? Wait until you see the book trailer! Watch it below, and prepare to feel your adrenaline pumping:

Oh. My. Gosh… Right?! We’re with you, and will be counting down the days until this one is released.

If you love a good mystery or thriller novel, get Fool Me Once pre-ordered right away! Click here to buy it on Amazon, or here to purchase from Barnes & Noble.

Kudo’s to the people behind that book trailer, it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. The tagline on the video reads:

If your husband was murdered, and you were a witness, how would you explain him appearing on your nanny cam?

You think you know the truth about your husband. The truth is, you know nothing.

The next impossible-to-put-down thriller from Harlan Coben, Fool Me Once.

UK Version

For readers in the United Kingdom, Coben posted the cover art for the UK version of Fool Me Once on his twitter account.

Harlen Coben Fool me once
The American cover art for Harlan Coben’s next thriller, Fool Me Once

For comparisons sake, here is the American version. Honestly, I think both of them look really good!

All I know is… wherever you live, whatever the cover looks like, March 22, 2016 cannot come soon enough!

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