Rapid Response: See what all of your favorite thriller authors are saying about President Obama’s speech!

President Barak Obama addressed the nation from the Oval Office tonight, and since then several bestselling authors have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the speech.

Brad Thor, in reference to the president’s suggestion that nobody on the No Fly List should be allowed to purchase a firearm, tweeted the following:

Thor even tweeted a poll to his followers, which you can vote in:

Dalton Fury, a former Delta Force operator and current bestselling author of the Kolt Raynor series, tweeted the following:

Brad Taylor, also a former Delta operator, is the biggest name in the military thriller genre today. While he didn’t address the president’s remarks directly, he did post a link to a blog post he wrote about an op-ed the New York Times published on the topic of gun control. Read his tweet below, and click the link for to check out his fiery post!

Former Marine and debut author of the 2016 novel Overwatch, Mathew Betley, re-tweeted Fox News contributor Stephen Hayes, who said the following: “Not surprising, but stunning in a way: POTUS seems to be giving a speech announcing no real change of strategy against ISIS”

Betley added the following:

Just after Obama finished his speech, author Dale Brown posted the following to both his Twitter and Facebook accounts:


In a Book Spy Exclusive, Joshua Hood – a decorated combat veteran with the 82nd Airborne, current full-time SWAT team member in Tennessee and author of Clear by Fire – offered his expert analysis and response to Obama’s remarks by saying the following:

I think that Obama, like many of the talking heads, has once again missed the boat. America has pissed away its strengths and traded sound policy for half truths and rhetoric.

The concept that ISIL is a bunch of of Jayvee dead-enders is exactly what was said about the insurgency in Iraq. America cannot continue discounting the enemy’s skills and effectiveness. Our current mindset is one where we are smarter than our enemy, and this is not true.

The perfect example of this is David Petraeus.  His COIN strategy has destroyed the American fighting spirit and led to the problems we are having in Iraq, Syria and here.

America’s invasion of Iraq caused an evolution in radical Islam and we have become complacent.

In the end, it was Brad Thor who had the tweet that seemed to sum up the general overall feeling from the top thriller authors in the game today:

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