Gabriel Allon Is Coming, Daniel Silva Announces His Next Book Will Be Released This July

It’s not much, but we finally have another tidbit of Daniel Silva news, as the author posted on his official Facebook account that his next novel will be released in July of this year.

Daniel Silva facebook post

Silva, one of the greatest authors on the planet, seems to only get better each year. His last three novels (The English Girl, The Heist, and The English Spy) have taken Gabriel Allon to uncharted waters, as the former Israeli spy prepares to take over as head of “The Office.” Allon is also preparing to once again be a father as his wife, Chiara, is pregnant with twins.

Could this be the novel where readers finally see Gabriel’s major life events take place?

With Silva’s announcement, he joins fellow authors Joshua Hood, Brad Thor, Brad Taylor, Ben Coes, Joseph Finder, John Connoly and others who are also scheduled to release new books this summer!

With the author promising a title and details soon, you can bet I’ll be all over this book, which is already one of The Book Spy’s 2016 must-read novels.

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  1. I love his books and the Allon character. I always look forward to the next novel. I certainly hope he continues with GAllon.

  2. i love all Daniel silvas book especially featuring Gabriel allon.i keep waiting for the new Gabriel allon book.hope i can read the new book as soon as possible.pls keep writing Daniel Silva.always.

  3. Daniel Silva is the master of the spy thriller! Love the Gabriel Allon series and can’t wait for the next instalment

  4. My favorite author and I read alot I wait patiently for summer just to read Daniel Silva wondering if the new book has a title or release date

  5. Silva is the unchallenged master of the spy-thriller genre because his Allon character has such DEPTH. I like others too, but Mitch Rapp and Brad Thor’s Scot Horvath are so one-dimensional. Making Allon an art restorer was a stroke of genius. Even Silva’s debut novel in the pre-Allon days, “The Unlikely Spy,” was terrific.

    • Have you read the recent Mitch Rapp novels, Mark? Kyle Mills (who took over after Vince Flynn passed away) has really added layers to Mitch. If you haven’t read THE SURVIVOR or ORDER TO KILL, you should check those out!

  6. I have read all of the Gabriel Allon books and am looking forward to the new book. I already have it in on order. I am a ww2 combat vet with 3 airmedals and 2 battle stars.

  7. You little beauty!. Daniel Silva has penned yet another thrilling, intelligent book – well it just has to be!. He just cannot be outdone in this genre. Please Daniel keep ’em coming. I’ve already read your previous sixteen books and will eagerly read more and more. Keep ’em coming please Daniel.

    • Already read them all,exept the first,that can not find anymore, even in other linguages.Living in Israël,maybe can somebody give me an advise how to find it.Even in French ,German or Dutch.
      Personaly i prefer the pocket size

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