OVERLORD: Ted Bell Book Update

Great news, Hawke fans!

I just heard from Lord Alexander Hawke’s creator, and have learned that bestselling author Ted Bell has locked himself away in his “Writer’s Block” studio in Maine, and is frantically working away on his next book.

Bell’s next novel, which will be the tenth book is his popular Alex Hawke series, is titled OVERLORD. Details are still hard to come by, and we don’t know much other than the fact that everything Ted Bell writes is must-read material!

So while the majority of us are braving this record-setting winter storm by staying inside, likely near the fire with a good book, we can now do so resting assured that another Hawke adventure is currently being written!

To see posts like this from Ted himself, plus much more, join the Alex Hawke Fans group on Facebook by clicking here.

If you haven’t read Ted’s 2015 novel, PATRIOT, get it today so you’re caught up when OVERLORD comes out.

Below is a photo of Bell’s office, AKA “OPERATION OVERLORD HQ” where he’ll spend the next month finishing OVERLORD for us. (Beautiful photo, isn’t it?!)

Ted Bell Writer's Block



    • Hi, Bill! OVERLORD has been changed to OVERKILL, and last time I talked to Ted Bell there was no release date set yet, but he was hard at work on finishing. I think things got a tad delayed because Bell is busy working on all things Hawke Movie related! As soon as we hear a date is set, I’ll be posting about it it!


  1. New TED BELL covers make me crazy! I have purchased several duplicates, thinking, “finally another Ted Bell book”. The good news is I gave them to friends to enjoy. I look forward to Overlook! Cheers!!
    Gordy Litster

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  2. My husband introduced me to the “Ted Bell Books,” and I have them all and enjoy them immensely. I have read them 2 times each and getting ready to read them again for the 3rd time! You never get tired of them!!!!!!!!!!!! Pat Frees, Fayette, MO


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