Alex Berenson’s ‘The Wolves’ Hits the New York Times Bestselling List in it’s First Week!

Alex Berenson’s latest novel The Wolves has only been out for eights days, but it’s already a New York Times bestseller!

Berenson broke the news to his fans himself, posting the following message on Twitter this evening:

There’s three categories under the “fiction” section on The New York Times list: Print, eBook, and  Print/eBook combination.

The author wasn’t clear whether or not The Wolves will be ranked #10 on the print list, or on print/eBook combination list–So I’m going to guess it debuts on the print list to go with it’s impressive #7 ranking of eBook sales.

This is great news for Berenson, and it’s also well deserved. The Wolves is a fantastic thriller and one of the few must-read novels to come out so far this year. You can read my spoiler-free review here, or pre-order your copy today by clicking here.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, Berenson has already teased that he’s working on his next John Wells novel!

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