Minotaur Books inks new deal with ‘Orphan X’ Author Gregg Hurwitz to keep Evan Smoak Around for years to come!

Author Gregg Hurwitz turned heads with his new book Orphan X, which hit bookstores earlier this year. Orphan X introduced readers to a Evan Smoak, who was raised form childhood to be an assassin as part of an off-the-books program turning innocent children into the ultimate weapons.

Instead of serving his intended purpose, Smoak used his training to escape and leave the very program that taught him how to kill. Now he wanders around as The Nowhere Man, a legend among those in dire need of help who are looking for someone to save them.

Things are fine, until someone who knows Smoak’s background as Orphan X comes looking to kill him. The story is a shadowy tale of cat-and-mouse, with nonstop action and suspense throughout.

Now Deadline is reporting that Orphan X is just the beginning, as Minotaur Books has signed Hurwitz to an extension–promising at least three more novels  over the next few years.

This is exciting news for sure, as Orphan X is a strong and promising start to a new series that has unlimited potential. To read more about the reported deal, as well as some news about Orphan X being made into a movie, read Deadlines full release here.


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