Lionsgate Hires Robert Cole to Pen Script for ‘Map of Bones,’ the Film Adaption of James Rollins’ Novel

Who has it better than James Rollins’ fans right now?  Not only does the bestselling author have a new book coming out soon–War Hawk hits bookstores on April 19th–but Variety just reported that Lionsgate has hired Robert Cole to pen the script for Map of Bones, the film adaption of Rollins’ 2005 Sigma Force novel. 

Rollins began his Sigma Force series in 2004 with Sandstorm, introducing readers to Painter Crow, a CIA operative who takes a job at DARPA under their newly formed “Sigma Force” division, and his team. These books have a Tom-Clancy-meets-Indiana-Jones feel, and are a must-read for fans of adventure novels and spy thrillers.

To date, there are eleven Sigma Force novels, with several short stories that place between certain books. The latest entry in the series, The Bone Labyrinth, came out in 2015, and has been a commercial success and well-received by fans and critics alike. Next month’s War Hawk is the second novel in Rollins’ Tucker Wayne series, which is a spin-off of his Sigma Force series. 

I’m actually glad that Lionsgate is planning to start their movie franchise with Map of Bones, as I prefer it over Sandstorm (the original starting point in the books). With all the hype around other thriller novels being turned into movies, like the Jason Bourne franchise and recent news that CBS Films is pressing forward with a film adaption of Vince Flynn’s American Assassin, combined with the announcement from Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Pictures that there will indeed be a fifth Indiana Jones movie, now seems like the perfect time for Lionsgate to capitalize on Rollins’ series. 

To read the full report from Variety, click here. To read my review of War Hawk, click here! Oh, and to answer my question from earlier… nobody seems to have it better right now than James Rollins’ fans! 

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