Brad Meltzer Launches Revamped Website, Teases Upcoming “Big” TV News

Bestselling author Brad Meltzer just unveiled a really slick-looking, totally revamped website. While the old website was perfectly fine, at least in my opinion, the new one looks simply fantastic and is more user-friendly on top of boasting a far more stylish layout.

(My teenager told me this version has more “swag,” whatever that is!)

The updated website, though, is hardly the only news to report here. If you’re not already part of Meltzer’s “secret army,” sign up for the author’s newsletter right away. One of the perks to being a Meltzer insider is, among other things, getting an early tip whenever there’s exciting news coming… Like now.

In his most recent newsletter, which went out on Saturday, Meltzer wrote “First up, some TV news is coming. Big news. I promise. Next week.” Before then going on to talk about his next children’s book and announcing that he’s going on a book signing tour for I am George Washington and I am Jane Goodall starting Tuesday, September 9th.

And then there’s this Facebook post confirming that there is big news coming:

The kid’s book news is cool, don’t get me wrong, especially in my house (my kids love Meltzer’s I Am series), but the real takeaway is that there’s some “big news” coming “next week” about a TV project.

For those who live under a rock or are new to this planet, Meltzer is more than just a world-famous author (and a proud Michigan man… Go Blue!). He’s also a successful television personality. In fact, he’s had two successful shows on the History channel: Brad Meltzer’s Decoded and Brad Meltzer’s Lost History.

Sadly, at least for now, we don’t know anything else about this secret TV project. Thankfully, however, it sounds like we’ll know a lot more very soon. In the meantime, I can speculate, and this is just me making an educated guess, that the new show (if that’s what he will indeed be announcing) will feature a title that starts with Brad Meltzer’s… something…

You can bet I’ll be covering the announcement whenever it’s finally released. But until then, go check out Brad Meltzer’s new website and, if you haven’t already, order yourself a copy of his latest must-read conspiracy thriller (which he co-authored with Tod Goldberg), The House of Secrets.

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